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We lead with our Advisory & Consulting, but we also have the resources to architect, implement and maintain your solutions. Our Professional Ecosystem is superb, only experienced, highly skilled technologists. If you are feeling the strain of the tech talent shortage, we’ve got you covered. We are committed to your success and people are the true differentiator.

But, we add three more elements that separate us from the pack…

Professional Services

Our Team of System Engineers, Solutions Architects, Data Scientists, Project Managers and other highly skilled technology professionals are at your service. Whether you need the right resources for a major initiative, small project or for just a few hours, our team is excited to engage.

Need a SWAT Team?

Business happens. And that means sometimes you need a Team of experienced, highly skilled, highly focused professionals to come in and take care of business. For the unplanned, yet business impacting events that have to get done, call on Aligned.

Add to Your Team

Recruiting and hiring technical resources in this market is brutal. Many organizations are feeling the pain of ongoing open positions, fewer candidates and escalating hiring costs and salaries. While we are not a “Recruiting” firm, we can help you find amazing, ultra skilled people and ease your staffing woes.

We can help you with…


Aligned is attuned to the latest in technology advancements, innovations and industry trends. Our assessments are focused on delivering significant value to enable and empower business success.

Demand Management Analysis

Staff Skills Assessment


We pride ourselves on the care, attention, and expertise we bring to our service delivery.

Demand and Resource Management

Security Consultant Placement

Technology Consultant Placement

Cloud Consultant Placement

“Whether you need help for 12 hours, 12 weeks or a year, our team is happy to provide various engagement models to meet the needs of the business.”

We can help you with…

Is your service desk meeting the needs of your business?

Is your service desk meeting the needs of your business?

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