Security, Trust
& Compliance


It’s too big. The topic that is. But not insurmountable. We take a Risk-Based, Programmatic approach, which ensures that you are prioritizing and addressing the most critical threats first. It’s about being regimented, yet flexible. Our hands-on experience developing, implementing and managing enterprise security, trust and compliance sets us apart. This is where we shine.

But, we add three more elements that separate us from the pack…

Been there…are there!

We are immersed in risk management everyday with our vCISO clients. Which drives our commitment to staying ahead of the cybercriminals, regulatory agencies, technology providers and users! We are neck deep in assessments, strategy development, policy implementation, incident response, staffing and so much more!


The foundation of this Practice is understanding where the risks live and their relative scale. So, we have a basket of focused assessments and services to help you get the facts which enable understanding, prioritization and strategy.

C-Suite Help

Often, we work with our Client’s Top Executives and Leadership to Advise, Counsel, Strategize, Direct, Manage and Support. From developing budgets, to measuring the current state to running the day-to-day, we are available and operate at a premier level of excellence.

We can help you with…


Aligned is attuned to the latest in technology advancements, innovations and industry trends. Our assessments are focused on delivering significant value to enable and empower business success.

Information Security Risk Analysis

Security Cost Benefit Analysis

Cloud Security Posture Assessment (CSPA)

Security Demand Management Analysis

Technical Security Assessments

Cloud Security Health Check

Security Resource Assessment

Physical Security Risk Assessment


We pride ourselves on the care, attention, and expertise we bring to our service delivery.

Information Security Strategy & Program Development

Application Security Advisory

Security Incident Response

Security Budget Optimization

Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC)

Physical Security Services

Information Security Advisory

Cloud Security Advisory

Security Project Management

Security Tools Rationalization

Third Party Risk Management

Penetration Testing

“Our programmatic and practical approach to security allows for your budget to stretch further while addressing a larger threat landscape.”

We can help you with…

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