Your organization’s technical foundation either supports, enables and empowers, or deters, inhibits and constricts. Often, it is all of the above. Regardless, your data and voice network, data center, connectivity and all related applications and solutions are vital and critical, while setting the stage for your business. This is where we shine.

But, we add three more elements that separate us from the pack…

On-Prem, Cloud…

Understanding the capabilities and finances of legacy technologies versus cloud-native technologies (that simply operate in a different paradigm) is our bread and butter. We help guide and advise organizations who are struggling with how to leverage their historical IT investments while moving to the future.

Managed Services done right.

The options seem endless. Identifying, evaluating and comparing MSPs and MSSPs is a lengthy effort, clouded by too much sales shtick and a lack of industry standardization. We got you. Let us help your organization align and select the best partner for your business situation and team.

Has it become ubiquitous?

Do you still need that big name, premium server, router or firewall? Is the newer tech simply engineered smarter for today’s needs and requirements? Every technology solution, tool and application has a definite lifecycle. Our experts can help you understand.

We can help you with…


Aligned is attuned to the latest in technology advancements, innovations and industry trends. Our assessments are focused on delivering significant value to enable and empower business success.

Technology Audit & Health Check

Contact Center Roadmap

Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity Planning

Customer Experience Analysis

Data Center Migration Review

Data Center Consolidation Planning

Data Center Decommissioning Planning

Current & Future State Assessment

Collaboration Tools Review

Software Licenses Audit & Analysis


We pride ourselves on the care, attention, and expertise we bring to our service delivery.

Unified Communications & Collaboration

Contact Center

Help Desk Outsourcing

Voice & Data Network Audit, Procurement & Support

Software License Management

Tools Discovery, Procurement & Implementation

Backup & Disaster Recovery

Infrastructure Managed Services

Hybrid Cloud Strategy & Migrations

Technology Financial Modeling

“Our clients spend less time trying to identify the right service provider or technology to meet their needs because they have an entire team from Aligned supporting them every step of the way.”

We can help you with…

Is your service desk meeting the needs of your business?

Is your service desk meeting the needs of your business?

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