Information Security

Risk Analysis

Perform a high-level evaluation of your security program relying on industry frameworks to identify gaps and measure security and compliance risk.

What we do

Evaluate your traditional on-premises or cloud security program and recommend pragmatic and cost effective administrative and technical safeguards including processes and/or technology specifically designed, and purpose built to mitigate your organization ‘s security and compliance risk.


In the News

Aligned Technology Group Becomes AWS Advanced Consulting Partner, Further Strengthening Secure Cloud Practices

What You Get

A comprehensive understanding of your potential security and compliance risk and how to prioritize administrative and technical security safeguards necessary to mitigate risk to an acceptable level. Insight into how to optimize and rationalize your existing security architecture and solutions to influence and control costs while improving or sustaining your security posture.

What it costs

This high-quality assessment is complimentary and costs you nothing but your time.

Already did a formal risk assessment?

Great! Let us help you make sense of the risk and recommendations to pragmatically and cost effectively prioritize work.


Brief and concise narrative that reflects the results of the analysis along with recommendations.

We remove the barriers which prohibit organizations from achieving maximum value from the enterprise Cloud.

Specialists with AWS

As an Advanced Tier Services partner, Aligned is vested and committed to Amazon Web Services (AWS). And, we are just getting started.

We are working tirelessly to enhance and extend our expertise with AWS. We truly believe in the superiority of AWS over other cloud competitors, and see this play out with our Clients each and every day.