Strategically Aligning
Technology to Business

Aligned Technology Group (Aligned), is a specialized technology advisor and consultant driven to enable and empower business through an ever changing landscape.

Why Aligned?

We are not all things to all people. And, we don’t try to be. But, through our integrated practices, we deliver incredible value. Our team of passionate, experienced and humble technologists leverage an expansive “toolbox” which begins with best-in-class discovery and assessment tools and an expansive partner ecosystem.

Areas of Excellence

a holistically integrated client experience

Technology Advisory
& Consulting

It takes mastery. Determining the right technology strategy and making the right technology decision requires a virtual matrix of experience, insights, and requirements…and then there is an entire tech vocabulary that creates an often perplexing barrier to truly communicate.


Cloud &

The perfect word is “nebulous”. According to Google, as an adjective, it means, “in the form of a cloud or haze; hazy.” We think the Cloud does not need to be so mysterious and fractured. We are here to stop the madness, create understanding and then help you leverage the power and efficiencies which can only be achieved with the Cloud.


Security, Trust
& Compliance

It’s too big. The topic that is. But not insurmountable. We take a Risk-Based, Programmatic approach, which ensures that you are prioritizing and addressing the highest threats first. It’s about being regimented, yet flexible. Our hands-on experience developing, implementing and managing enterprise security, trust and compliance sets us apart. 



The data explosion is upon us. Driven by our seemingly unending digital paradigm where personalization, automation and artificial intelligence set the stage, the amount of data created, collected, stored, accessed, secured and backed-up is nuts. As such, every organization needs a strategy, plan, processes and people to wrangle and properly manage this critical asset. 



Your organization’s technical foundation either supports, enables and empowers, or deters, inhibits and constricts. Often, it is all of the above. Regardless, your data network, voice network, data center, connectivity and all related applications and solutions are vital and critical, while setting the stage for your business. 


& Staffing

We lead with our Advisory & Consulting, but we also have the resources to architect, implement and maintain your solutions. Our Professional Ecosystem is superb, only experienced, highly skilled technologists. If you are feeling the strain of the tech talent shortage, we’ve got you covered. We are committed to your success and people are the true differentiator.



Cloud, Aligned & Optimized

ATG Expertise, Realized

Modernizing Legacy Architectures with Cloud Strategies & Solutions

Healthcare Provider standardizes technology and modernizes their estate to enable the practice and allow for greater focus delivering excellent care to their patients.

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Strategic IT/Business Decisions in M & A: Cloud, Security, Infrastructure

Casino acquires international sportsbook and looks to Aligned for support with Separation, Integration and support establishing both cloud and security programs.

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Holistic, Integrated…Aligned

Our Practices are connected to create a holistically integrated client experience. This interrelation happens via our proprietary engagement Approach, known as A4, and our enterprise-class Methodology, aptly named Confluence.

Drive Desired Outcomes &
Enable Business Objectives


Aligned Technology Group (Aligned), is a specialized technology advisor and consultant focused on specific areas of excellence, including: Cloud, Data, Security and Core Infrastructure. The firm provides professional services to large and mid-sized enterprise-class organizations throughout the United States.


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